Over 60 km of perfectly groomed cross country ski trails, 4-tracks, and freshly snow ploughed every day, panoramic views like no other - nothing but winter landscape, in the heart of the Dolomites at 1,800 to 2,000 meters, but hardly any cross country skiers who use this offering. This was the situation on Alpe di Siusi some 15 years ago, shortly after the road to the Alp was closed. People started to talk about an event to encourage cross country skiing on the Alp again. The idea of a cross country skiing marathon at night by full moon had been buzzing around in my head for a long time. Soon I had the support of many business people. The Tourist Association Alpe di Siusi took over the planning and financing. Next, an energetic organising committee and many volunteers were required. I soon gathered an excited group of people. We were ready to start work! The first race was already a great success: a bright full moon, over 100 participants and some 2000 spectators who could get to the race free of charge on the Siusi-Alpe di Siusi cable car.
At that time the race was over 42 km; over 1000 torches lit the track. A tough competition ensued. Winners were the Swiss national skier Petter Myhlbeck and Anette Rudsted from Norway.
The world of cross country skiing began to notice the race. World champions, Olympic athletes, national champions and top athletes took part in the Moonlight Classic in the following years. But what makes this race unique are the fun skiers from many countries, the full moon, the torches along the track and the party in the marquee. In the tracks on Alpe di Siusi cross country skiing became popular again.
On 23 January 2019, for the 13th time, many athletes will once again take up the challenge of this marathon and compete with the top skiers. The OC-team wishes all participants an exciting race in a bright full moon night, followed by plenty of fun in the party marquee. A big thank you to all the volunteers for this unique competition. Without them, this event would not be taking place.