The cross Country race, the 16th Südtirol Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm will take place on Thursday, 25/01/2024 on the Seiser Alm. The mass start is in Compatsch at 8pm.

The long-distance route of 30km is considered to be very demanding. The short-distance route is 15km and is considered to be easy.

The finishing line for both the 30km and 15km routes is also Compatsch. On both routes the classic diagonal style only is allowed. Marshals are placed along the route and will report and disqualify any participant breaking the rules.

Registration and information. You can obtain information about South Tyrol’s Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm race on our home page: This is also available at the Seiser Alm’s Tourism Association at tel. +39 0471 727 904 or

The entry fee is € 60.00 for the 30km event and € 55.00 for the 15km by registration until 07/01/2024. The fee for the registration after 08/01/2024 is € 70.00 for the 30km event and € 65.00 for the 15km.

Registration and payment are made through our website The onine-registration is possible till Wednesday, 24.01.2024, 9pm By registering for this event participants accept the regulations governing this event. This is also valid for a proxy registration. Minimum age for participants: only those born before 25/01/2006 for the 30km and 15km event.

Late registrations can be affected on Thursday, 25/01/2024, from 9:30am to 7pm at the race office in Compatsch. Entry fees are: € 70.00 for the 30km event and € 65.00 for the 15km event. The entry fee entitles participants to take part, to a starter’s kit and provisions along the route and at the finish. All participants of the Moonlight Classic cross-country race can drive to the starting point on 25/01/2024 from 5pm onwards. Those athletes who do not travel to the starting point by car can use the Seiser Alm railway free of charge. Spectators have free access to the railway from 6pm onwards. The railway operates until 1am. Participants who, for whatever reason (including force majeure), cannot take part in the event will not be refunded the entry fee. In the case of online registration insurance can be taken out to cover the cost of cancellation in the event of accident or illness. Changing names and exchanging starting numbers is not allowed.

Please note! The colour of the starting numbers varies according to the distance (30 or 15km). Both events start at the Feuerwehrhalle (fire brigade station) in Compatsch.
1st starting line-up: athletes who are in a national squad and can show they are below 90 points in the FIS (International Ski Federation) ranking list.
2nd starting line-up: all the others who are taking part in the ski marathon.
3rd starting line-up: Just for Fun. On entering the starting area skiers must ensure that they are displaying the stickers provided for this event. Garment bags must be labelled and handed in before the start of the race.

Only one ski can be changed. Those overtaking have no claim to a ‘right of way’. The ski run is marked out by flares.

In spite of this participants must ensure that they are well informed about the course of the route! Participants are obliged to wear headlamps. In the event of cloudy weather, the race will still start. The race will be timed electronically using a Datasport chip. There are several check points along the route. Skiers who take a short cut or skate will be disqualified. The chip for measuring the time is fixed on your ankle.

Your starter’s kit and number will be handed over in the race office on Wednesday, 24/01/2024, 3pm to 6pm and on Thursday 25/01/2024 from 9am on. You have to pay a € 10.00 deposit in cash which is reimbursed when your chip is handed over at the end of the race.

Time limit is 3 hours for the 30km. The race management can remove skiers who are too slow from the race. Deadline at the Ritsch for Joch: 21.30.

The award ceremony will take place at about 10pm in the marquee in Compatsch. Each athlete has to be present himself to take his Price.

Liabilities. By registering and paying the entry fee participants accept without reservation the current conditions and confirm that they have a medical certificate in accordance with the statutory instrument of 18.02.82. They relieve the organising committee of any responsibility for accidents before or after the race, or for any damage participants inflict on third parties or the property of third parties. By registering for this event participants agree that their personal data can be passed on to third parties for purposes of processing in accordance with Italy’s Data Protection Act (valid from 25/05/2018).

Data privacy statement: Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm and Tourism Association Seiser Alm mainly processes personal data of athletes in competition of the Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm. The personal data will be used fot the organisation and execution of the event. By registering for the Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm, the athlete declares that he/she has read these regulations in their entirety and accepts that: - the photo and video material is going to be used for commercial and promotional campaigns, for the illustration of advertising material of the organizer, websites, social medias and press.
- the names and e-mail addresses of the participants are going to be used for the mailing of the Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm newsletter.
- the personal data (bib number, name and surname, year of birth, nationality, address) can be used for the starting and ranking list on the website and the social medias.
Datasport is engaged to perform timekeeping, registration management and other service for Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm and Tourism Association Seiser Alm. The data privacy statement of Datasport is available in this link. Personal data which has been processed by our company are not subject to any diffusion. The affected person has the right to confirm, check, correct and add information to his data. Additionally, he has the right to apply for the data to be deleted, blocked, and converted into anonymous data if the processing infringes the provisions of the law. In the event of adverse weather conditions, the organising committee will offer an alternative route. Should the event have to be cancelled for reasons of force majeure, the entry fee will not be refunded. The organising committee reserves the right to limit the number of participants and to alter the route if necessary.

Claims. Complaints must be put in writing and, in accordance with the regulations, accompanied by a deposit of € 100.00. If the complaint is upheld the deposit will be refunded. The organiser does not accept any responsibility for articles of value or the garment bag. Participants agree to exclude the organisers, sponsors, and local government authorities, owners of private property, radio and TV establishments from any liability.

Accommodation. Participants must organise accommodation themselves. Information is available in the tourism associations of Seiser Alm, Kastelruth, Seis am Schlern and Völs am Schlern or at

· The South Tyrol Moonlight Classic Seiser Alm meets the Seiser Alm Half Marathon.
· Sprint-Prize for the first man and first woman after 12 Kilometers
(Hotel Ritsch).